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08/17/2010 04:44

Do not be Fooled Hell is a real place.

  People don't like to hear about hell. But I'm here to tell you that if Jesus is not your Lord and Savior, you are on your way to hell. Some of you will be upset at this bad news. You think that I'm all gloom and doom. Tell me this...if your house were on fire, would you want me to let you...
08/17/2010 04:43

what is Salvation?, is it esstential ( Excepct Ye Repent)

    The the three words of this title come from Luke13.5,which reads Except ye Repent,ye shall all likewise perish. " plainly,then,the tragic alternative to repentance is eternal perdition. In view of this fact,it is extreamly important that everone know what epentance is and how it is...




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